What is Twisted?

Our Twisted company and products were founded and are rooted in the importance of family.

Family: Where it all began

Meet the Shuptrine family: Ben, Meg, Alan, Bonny, Kylie, and Jake.

Bonny and Alan Shuptrine are all about family. Whether you're blood or not, "family is everything" as owner, Bonny Shuptrine says.

Shuptrine's Twisted Products is a unique, Southern-based chow chow and marinade company offering the finest products, made with all-natural ingredients.  Owners Bonny and Alan Shuptrine began with a grassroots approach, taking two separate family recipes - Bonny’s mother’s homemade pickles and Alan’s southern Appalachian chow chow - and twisting them together, creating Twisted, a blast of “kick your legs up” flavor!

Alan Shuptrine is a nationally renowned American watercolorist and craftsman with a deep-rooted love of the Appalachian region.  Prominently featured in our label is his detailed watercolor painting, Twisted.  This award-winning piece serves as the brand for the Shuptrine’s Twisted line of products.